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1975Little River BandIt's A Long Way ThereLittle River Band 01
1975Little River BandCuriosity (Killed The Cat)Little River Band 02
1975Little River BandMeanwhile...Little River Band 03
1975Little River BandMy Lady And MeLittle River Band 04
1975Little River BandI'll Always Call Your NameLittle River Band 05
1975Little River BandEmmaLittle River Band 06
1975Little River BandThe Man In BlackLittle River Band 07
1975Little River BandStatue Of LibertyLittle River Band 08
1975Little River BandI Know ItLittle River Band 09
1976After HoursBourbon StreetAfter Hours 01
1976After HoursSweet Old Fashioned ManAfter Hours 02
1976After HoursCountry GirlsAfter Hours 03
1976After HoursThe DrifterAfter Hours 04
1976After HoursL.A. In The SunshineAfter Hours 05
1976After HoursWitcheryAfter Hours 06
1976After HoursRaelene RaeleneAfter Hours 07
1976After HoursChanged And DifferentAfter Hours 08
1976After HoursDays On The RoadAfter Hours 09
1976After HoursLong Jumping JewellerAfter Hours 10
1976Diamantina CocktailHelp Is On Its WayDiamantina Cocktail 01
1976Diamantina CocktailThe DrifterDiamantina Cocktail 02
1976Diamantina CocktailL.A. In The SunshineDiamantina Cocktail 03
1976Diamantina CocktailThe Inner LightDiamantina Cocktail 04
1976Diamantina CocktailWitcheryDiamantina Cocktail 05
1976Diamantina CocktailHome On MondayDiamantina Cocktail 06
1976Diamantina CocktailHappy AnniversaryDiamantina Cocktail 07
1976Diamantina CocktailRaelene RaeleneDiamantina Cocktail 08
1976Diamantina CocktailChanged And DifferentDiamantina Cocktail 09
1976Diamantina CocktailAnother Runaway [Int track]Diamantina Cocktail 10
1976Diamantina CocktailEvery Day Of My Life [Int track]Diamantina Cocktail 11
1976Diamantina CocktailBroke Again [Int track]Diamantina Cocktail 12
1978Sleeper CatcherShut Down, Turn OffSleeper Catcher 01
1978Sleeper CatcherReminiscingSleeper Catcher 02
1978Sleeper CatcherRed-Headed WildflowerSleeper Catcher 03
1978Sleeper CatcherLight Of DaySleeper Catcher 04
1978Sleeper CatcherFall From ParadiseSleeper Catcher 05
1978Sleeper CatcherLadySleeper Catcher 06
1978Sleeper CatcherSanity's SideSleeper Catcher 07
1978Sleeper CatcherSo Many PathsSleeper Catcher 08
1978Sleeper CatcherOne For The RoadSleeper Catcher 09
1978Sleeper CatcherTake Me HomeSleeper Catcher 10
1979First Under The WireLonesome LoserFirst Under The Wire 01
1979First Under The WireThe RumorFirst Under The Wire 02
1979First Under The WireBy My SideFirst Under The Wire 03
1979First Under The WireCool ChangeFirst Under The Wire 04
1979First Under The WireIt's Not A WonderFirst Under The Wire 05
1979First Under The WireHard LifeFirst Under The Wire 06
1979First Under The WireMiddle ManFirst Under The Wire 07
1979First Under The WireMan On The RunFirst Under The Wire 08
1979First Under The WireMistress Of MineFirst Under The Wire 09
1981Time ExposureThe Night OwlsTime Exposure 01
1981Time ExposureMan On Your MindTime Exposure 02
1981Time ExposureTake It Easy On MeTime Exposure 03
1981Time ExposureBallerinaTime Exposure 04
1981Time ExposureLove Will SurviveTime Exposure 05
1981Time ExposureFull CircleTime Exposure 06
1981Time ExposureOrbit ZeroTime Exposure 07
1981Time ExposureDon't Let The Needle WinTime Exposure 08
1981Time ExposureGuiding LightTime Exposure 09
1981Time ExposureThe Other GuyTime Exposure 10
1983The NetYou're Driving Me Out Of My MindThe Net 01
1983The NetWe TwoThe Net 02
1983The NetNo More TearsThe Net 03
1983The NetMr. SocialiteThe Net 05
1983The NetDown On The BorderThe Net 06
1983The NetSleepless NightsThe Net 07
1983The NetOne DayThe Net 08
1985Playing To WinPlaying To WinPlaying To Win 01
1985Playing To WinReappearPlaying To Win 02
1985Playing To WinBlind EyesPlaying To Win 03
1985Playing To WinWhen Cathedrals Where WhitePlaying To Win 04
1985Playing To WinRelentlessPlaying To Win 05
1985Playing To WinPiece Of A DreamPlaying To Win 06
1985Playing To WinDon't Blame MePlaying To Win 07
1985Playing To WinOne Shot In The DarkPlaying To Win 08
1985Playing To WinCount Me InPlaying To Win 09
1986No ReinsFace In The CrowdNo Reins 01
1986No ReinsIt's Just A Matter Of TimeNo Reins 02
1986No ReinsTime For UsNo Reins 03
1986No ReinsNo Reins On MeNo Reins 04
1986No ReinsWhen The War Is OverNo Reins 05
1986No ReinsThin IceNo Reins 06
1986No ReinsHow Many NightsNo Reins 07
1986No ReinsForever BlueNo Reins 08
1986No ReinsPaper ParadiseNo Reins 09
1986No ReinsIt Was The NightNo Reins10
1988MonsoonParallel LinesMonsoon 01
1988MonsoonLove Is A BridgeMonsoon 02
1988MonsoonFace In The CrowdMonsoon 03
1988MonsoonInside StoryMonsoon 04
1988MonsoonSon Of A Famous ManMonsoon 05
1988MonsoonSoul SearchingMonsoon 06
1988MonsoonShadow In The RainMonsoon 07
1988Too Late To LoadWhen Will I Be LovedToo Late To Load 01
1988Too Late To LoadPlease Don't Ask MeToo Late To Load 02
1988Too Late To LoadOne DayToo Late To Load 03
1990Get LuckyIf I Get LuckyGet Lucky 01
1990Get LuckyThere's Not Another YouGet Lucky 02
1990Get LuckySecond WindGet Lucky 03
1990Get LuckyEvery Time I Turn AroundGet Lucky 04
1990Get LuckyI Dream AloneGet Lucky 05
1990Get LuckyAs Long As I'm AliveGet Lucky 06
1990Get LuckyThe One That Got AwayGet Lucky 07
1990Get LuckyListen To Your HeartGet Lucky 08
2001Where We Started FromWhere We Started FromWhere We Started From 01
2001Where We Started FromThis PlaceWhere We Started From 02
2001Where We Started FromMagazine GirlWhere We Started From 03
2001Where We Started FromJust You And IWhere We Started From 04
2001Where We Started FromThe Night OwlsWhere We Started From 05
2001Where We Started FromI Think I Left My Heart With YouWhere We Started From 06
2001Where We Started FromWho Made The MoonWhere We Started From 07
2001Where We Started FromLook In Your EyesWhere We Started From 08
2001Where We Started FromAmerican WayWhere We Started From 09
2001Where We Started FromLead Me To WaterWhere We Started From 10
2001Where We Started FromCool ChangeWhere We Started From 11
2013Cuts Like A DiamondThe Lost And The LonelyCuts Like A Diamond 01
2013Cuts Like A DiamondForever You Forever MeCuts Like A Diamond 02
2013Cuts Like A DiamondCuts Like A DiamondCuts Like A Diamond 03
2013Cuts Like A DiamondYou Dream I'll DriveCuts Like A Diamond 04
2013Cuts Like A DiamondI'm An IslandCuts Like A Diamond 05
2013Cuts Like A DiamondWay Too GoodCuts Like A Diamond 06
2013Cuts Like A DiamondWhat If You're WrongCuts Like A Diamond 07
2013Cuts Like A DiamondWhere Do I RunCuts Like A Diamond 08
2013Cuts Like A DiamondSomeoneCuts Like A Diamond 09
2013Cuts Like A DiamondWho Speaks For MeCuts Like A Diamond 10
2013Cuts Like A DiamondLove IsCuts Like A Diamond 11